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How To Reach Saranda - Porto Eda Hotel


How To Reach Saranda

Saranda can be reached by land or by sea.

It is connected with Greece by three routes:

  • To the nearby Greek island of Corfu (New Port). The daily ferryboats are at 10:30; 13:00 and 16:30 (fewer out of season – check with the ticket office at the port). The 10:30 passage is a hydrofoil which takes about 45 minutes. The 16:30 is a car ferry. Corfu is one hour ahead of Albania.
  • By the border of Qafe Bota with Gumenitsa.
  • By the border of Kakavi with Ioannina

It is reached from other parts of Albania by two important routes:

  • From Vlore it goes through Riviera or “Bregu” (a line of picturesque, gorgeous Mediterranean beaches and villages; Bregu is the summer hostel of the country Prime Minister and President)
  • From Gjrokaster to Tepelene, Fier and Tirana

From Tirana to Saranda can be travelled with the bus lines, taxi vans or taxies. The are two itineraries:

  • Tirana-Durres-Fieri-Vlora-Dhermi-Saranda
  • Tirana-Durresi-Fieri-Mallakastra-Tepelena-Gjirokastra-Saranda.

If you travel through Riviera (the first) you should pay more attention as the way is narrow.

Albanians from Kosovo and Macedonia follow this itinerary to reach Saranda:

  • Strufe-Qafe Thana-Librazhd-Elbasani-Rrogozhina-Fier and so on.

The tourits, who come here from Greece, reach the border of Kakavi in two ways:

  • Ioannina. You can fly from Athine to Ioannina, and then the roadway from Janina to Kakavi takes around 40 minutes by bus or taxi. When you reach Kakavi, you follow this itinerary:
    – Kakavi-Gjirokaster-Jergucat-Qafe e Muzines-Sarande.
  • Gumenitsa. Though Qafe-Bota, the itinerary is:
    – Igoumenitsa-Qafe Bote-Sarande, but the roadway is narrower.

The idea of an airport in the village of Vrion is of great interest, because it is only 5 km far from Saranda. A facility is the urban service offered nowdays.